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A revolutionary micro-device with enormous benefits which makes withdrawing cash, accepting payments, and checking account balance more convenient, accessible, and quick for everyone!


A complete solution for all challenges posed by traditional ATMs.

India has the least number of ATMs per 100,000 people in the BRICS nations, (according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)). If one somehow manages to find an ATM, they have to wait in a long line just to do a simple transaction. Banks have even started reducing the number of ATMs due to limited profits and the cost of maintenance associated with them. mATM solves these problems due to their portability and ease of use. With a premium build-quality featuring a touch pin-pad, a seamless paperless process, and rechargeable batteries mATMs are extremely eco-friendly. To anyone intimidated by new tech or complicated ATM interfaces, mATM offers a much simpler solution. With mATMs being present in all neighbouring stores (kiraanas, medicals, malls, canteens, etc) traditional ATMs just might become redundant.

For Everyone!

Available at retail stores across the country
No long distance traveling to find an ATM
Safe and secure transactions ensured
Instant cash withdrawal at your disposal
Supports local stores to grow and expand
No longer wait in ATM/Bank lines
Find out your account balance instantly

For Retailers!

Portable and convenient
Easy to use with no complicated set-up
Attract more customers to your store
Efficient management of cash-flow
Earn commissions on each transaction
Acts as a POS machine to accept card payments
Instant settlement for all transactions


How do mATMs work?


The Decline of ATMs


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Technical Support and Ease of Use

We at mBnk believe in keeping things simple.

Our easy to use app ensures you complete transactions in no time, so your main business keeps running smoothly.

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